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Waterways to Success in Corner Brook. The motto of Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, is "our service, your success." This motto has followed the city since it's inception in 1956, specifically created because of smaller communities that wanted to combine forces for better services and commerce offered to the community. The employees in each of the cities had unique commerce offered for trade. When combined, it allowed Corner Brook to magnify the possibilities for growth.

The region of Corner Brook is unique not only by the commercial association that formed the town. It is located in a surrounding body of water on the Bay of Islands. The location includes the Avalon Peninsula and the Humber River, both which offer a flow of water through the area for many to enjoy. The natural setting is combined with smaller areas of lakes, rivers and waterflow that add into the charm of the space.

The establishment of the city based on the location of water and the combining communities for service has allowed a stronger foundation of Corner Brook to be created. It has developed with a sense of opportunity in local government, education, arts and sports. The area has developed a commitment to those in the community by providing a foundation for development that is expected to grow and thrive in the following years.

The corner of Canada, established with a sense of service, continues to offer a waterway to opportunity. Surrounded by the natural settings of water, this space has combined the best of community with an attitude of prosperity in the region.
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