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Near the provincial border of Alberta and Saskatchewan lies Cold Lake in the Lakeland District. This northeastern city is approximately 200 miles from Edmonton, the provincial capital of Alberta. It has a low population density of fewer than 15,000 residents. Cold Lake may appear to surprise many who seek to relocate here. It appears to be an elegant, pristine beach resort in land bound Alberta you'd expect to find in provincial coastal cities. However, residents of Cold Lake enjoy the vast scenic lake for year round activities. Albertans from other regions of the province travel to Cold Lake to ski, boat and fish. Cold Lake is the seventh largest of lakes in Alberta.

Cold Lake - The Perfect Place to Live. Cold Lake is a highly active community that offers plentiful jobs and a diverse housing base. This city is one of the fastest growing of Alberta's northern urban centers. For example, the gas and oil industries, tourism and the Canadian Forces Base 4Wing are among the top industries in Cold Lake. In terms of housing in Cold Lake, homes and property availability are plentiful. It is advisable to consult with a professional real estate agent for more details.

Cold Lake is the perfect place to live and has all of the amenities potential home buyers desire. Perhaps, the biggest attraction in Cold Lake is a well stocked program of year round activities residents and tourists enjoy. The newest is the enormous Tri-City Mall with its full compliment of shops, restaurants and daily hum of activities shoppers can't resist.

Cold Lake Attracts New Businesses. As a result of city growth, new businesses flock to Cold Lake and include the most recognized international business chains. Cold Lake has become the magnet that draws people from other regions of Alberta and Saskatchewan.
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