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Home of the Queen in Charlottetown. Popularity named Charlottetown after Queen Charlotte, with the population also referring to the area as Queen's County. Since this time, the development of the city has kept the same, founding principles of royalty and riches. The area, also known as the Birthplace of Confederation, has established it's rich heritage with governmental structures and commerce that has forged the community forward.

Quickly after the establishment of Charlottetown for the Queen, the area began to grow into various historical sections that remain today. A waterfront and harbor are surrounded by the Hillsborough River, all which frame the historical downtown area. Originally, the queen established this central area, surrounded by agricultural establishments for trade and commerce. However, recent developments have caused the area to grow into more residential and commercial areas from each side of the central governing area.

The original agricultural establishments and the newer developments have emerged into a combination of nature and commerce for modern living. Parks and surrounding forests, as well as agriculture, remains a part of Charlottetown. Healthcare, education and technology dominate the newer innovations and growth of the town, offering different lifestyle opportunities that have established the wealth of the historical area.

The establishment of historical wealth from the Queens County to the emergence of innovation have developed Charlottetown. The area is known as a home of royalty that continues to establish a reputation of prestige. The landscape of the area, original intentions and the growth into the current neighborhoods and establishments has allowed the area to continue to thrive.
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