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The Light of Ontario in Aurora. Aurora, Ontario, is recognized as a flourishing town, holding a light to the region in Canada. The strong establishment of the area as well as the current decisions of governing bodies have allowed the city to gain a sense of stability among Canadian residents in the area. From the beginnings as a railway station in the 1700s, the area has quickly developed with the natural, commercial and cultural aspects to the community.

Aurora was developed as an initial stopping point during the construction of railways. However, in the 1800s, it shifted into a hub and central location in Ontario. The industrial and commercial opportunities in the area created a thriving community that established the area. This was specifically because of the connection to the Toronto area, which allowed an influx of trade and commerce to be created throughout the region.

Today, the network and growth of Aurora has altered. The area is maintained with government and educational opportunities as well as a strong emphasis in both the arts and culture of the region. Historical preservation of the past remains a central point of many neighborhoods as well. While the community has developed this as a basis, it has also spearheaded initiatives with the greenbelt locations, creating natural preserves and stopping the expansion of the city specifically to balance nature with the activities of the area.

An area that lights up the northern regions of Canada is Aurora. This town was recognized as a main hub during the industrial eras, creating a strong link between the cities in the area. Today, it has continued to establish opportunities for the community while reinforcing new and conscious initiatives for the well - being of the natural surroundings and the citizens.
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